We are looking to recruit for Apprenticeship Development Programme.

Our Apprenticeship Development  Programme. consists of three different areas:

  • Engineering,
  • Level 2 Food Operations
  • Level 3 Food Operations.

Dependant on which qualification, the duration of each programme is anticipated to last up to 18-48 months, during which you will work towards achieving an industry recognised vocational qualification made up of a number of units.

The units are specifically designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge that will help you to build your career within Greenvale.

Working hours are dependant on the qualification you undertake.

3 core skills including:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Behaviours

As well as a requirement to undertake English/ ICT/ Maths

You should have good organisational and communication skills; the ability to work as part of a team in order to meet production targets; the ability to work to health and safety and food safety requirements; flexibility to work in different departments and a keen interest in learning more about a food production environment.

There are lots of benefits to doing an apprenticeship. You can earn while you learn and learn in a way that is best suited to you – through hands-on experience on the job.

Key benefits of being an apprentice include:

  • Earning a salary
  • Getting paid holidays
  • Receiving training
  • Gaining qualifications
  • Learning job-specific industry relevant skills

If you are interested in applying please send a cover letter with your CV to [email protected]