The group is split into three segments: 

Comprising Greenvale AP, The Jersey Royal Company and Rowe Farming Ltd customers include a number of the UK leading grocery retailers and wholesale and food service companies.

Including Greenvale Seed, Restrain Company Ltd and direct trading.

Unique vertically integrated potato business.

Greenvale AP is a unique vertically integrated potato business which comprises, fresh potato growing, and fresh potato storage, packing, distribution and marketing.

Significant grower of seed potatoes.

Producing high quality Scottish and English seed to cater for every customer’s requirement. Our thriving seed potato business retails over 48,000 tonnes each year to both UK and overseas potato growers.

Daffodil and potatoes.

Based in Cornwall, Rowe Farming grows and markets early season UK baby, new and salad potatoes. They also grow and market daffodil bulbs and flowers in the UK and overseas.

First new season potatoes.

The Jersey Royal Company grows and markets early season Jersey Royal potatoes to major UK retailers.

Ethylene storage and ripening.

The Restrain system provides the only residue free solution for sprout suppression in stored potatoes and onion in the UK, Europe and other territories across the world. The Restrain technology is now developing in other produce sectors such as the enhanced ripening of fruits.